Aaniin! My name is Neebinnaukzhik Southall. (Neebinnaukzhik means "Summer Evening" in Ojibway.) You can call me Neebin! I am a member of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation. I am a graphic designer, an artist, and a photographer. I have been creating ever since I was a wee child. In 2011, I graduated with an Honors BFA from Oregon StateUniversity's competitive graphic design program and the University HonorsCollege, with a minor in fine arts.I have a fondness for working across disciplines and mediums, whether individually or collaboratively. I have a love affair with books, libraries, museums, and cultural centers.
I run the Native American Graphic Design Project, which seeks to buildrecognition of Native graphic designers, and underrepresented group in the field. The website features a growing list of Indigenous designers, a blog, as well as links and resources.
I also write a design column for First American Art Magazine, a new periodical dedicated to Indigenous arts from the Americas, written from Indigenous perspectives.
Neebin Studios is a small registered business located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and isthe catch-all for my creative ventures.
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