Anishinabek Apparel
T-shirt designs with an Indigenous, urban edge created as part of the visual portion of my senior graphic design project.

Urban style meets Anishinabek history and culture in clothing designs that promotea positive sense of identity among Anishinabek youth. These clothing designscomprise the visual component of my senior graphic design project, Then and Now: Asserting Anishinabek Identity through Indigenized Apparel. The project was accepted for presentation at Oregon State University's Celebrating Undergraduate Research and was also featured in articles in Terra Magazine ("Cultural Designer") as well as in the Corvallis Gazette-Times ("Research, her own way").The workreferences floral beadwork, ribbonwork, Anishinabek hoods, and images of the Thunderbird and Underwater Panther. The copper ink is not only a display of showy urban flair but also holds spiritual significance and is a nod to the ancient copper mines around Lake Superiorworked by Native people.
Leading up to the shirt designs, the project was very research heavy and inmany ways, very personal.

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