Exploring Native Graphic Design column for First American Art Magazine:
"Not Another Mascot Article," Issue No. 10, Spring 2016
“Rico Worl”, Issue No. 9, Winter 2015/2016
“Chad Earles: Caddo Visual Communicator” Issue No. 7, Summer 2015
“Publications Professional: Deborah Villa” Issue No. 5, Winter 2014 (Download PDF)
The Making of a Designer: Mark Rutledge” Issue No. 4, Fall 2014 (Download PDF)
Perspectives from Ryan Red Corn” Issue No. 3, Summer 2014 (Download PDF)
“Design in Academic Settings” Issue No. 2, Spring 2014 (Download PDF)
“Activism & Design” Issue No. 1, Fall 2013 (Download PDF)
“Exploring Native Graphic Design”, Issue 0 (Download PDF)
Angel De Cora Design Journeys article for AIGA
"Design Journeys” is a collection of stories about the professional lives, contributions, and portfolios of designers—contemporary and historical—from traditionally under-represented groups or backgrounds. — from the AIGA website
The shortened, edited version is available on AIGA’s website, as linked above. The full version, with more content as well as endnote information, can be downloaded here: angel_de_cora_biography.pdf
The Santa Fe New Mexican: 2014 Indian Market Guide
Santa Fe Indian Market Fashion Event: Colorful Regalia and Sizzling Fashion, pg. 38
Baskets Full of Hope: Theresa Secord preserves traditions through advocacy for art and environment, pgs 95-96
What Drives a Rising Star? Contemporary Painter Patrick Dean Hubbell Thrives on Creative Expression, pgs 98-100
An Eye for Detail: Acoma Pueblo Potter Frederica V. Antonio Enjoys Amazing Comeback, pgs 102-103

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