Circles: Native American Cultural Center
Branding project for a theoretical Native cultural center in Corvallis, OR.
Concept -- Circles: Native American Cultural Center

Native American cultures are not a thing of the past. Rather, they are alive, vibrant and growing. Circles is envisioned as an inclusive Native American cultural center serving the Corvallis, OR community. Providing fun events, educating people, correcting stereotypes, and instilling pride in Native roots are all goals of the center.

The "Circles" logo references the spiritual importance, inclusivity, and sharing represented by the circle in Native American cultures, and also includes an eagle feather. The logo is stylized in an art nouveau/60s design, as a way to appeal to and reflect the unique, hippe-influenced subcultures in Corvallis.

The symbols are inspired by a variety of Native American cultures, including the Northeast Woodlands, the Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest. By providing colorful pins with these designs, as well as folders for students, people of all ages are able to carry a fun slice of Native American cultures with them wherever they go.

Letterhead, business card, envelope, and t-shirt designs are intended for employee/organization use.
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