Native Foodways Magazine No. 3
Design, photography, and illustration for Native Foodways Magazine, in collaboration with Deborah Villa.
Native Foodways Magazine needed designers for their third issue and got in touch. I contacted expert magazine designer Deborah Villa to work with me on this project, and together we laid out the magazine, working within their existing branding constraints. We collaborated on almost every page in the issue, sharing feedback and adjusting each other's work where needed.
These are pages that I had a particular hand in, and include layout, photography, and illustration.
Art Directors: Deborah Villa and myself on the masthead!
Border illustration based on Ojibwe beadwork for David Treuer's article "No Reservations: The Hard Won Nourishment of the Ojibwe Tribe."
I took this food photography shot using Deborah Villa's kitchen utensils. Deborah styled the products and primarily did the layout.
I designed this spread, took the editorial photograph (with styling by Deborah and myself), and shot the food products (with editing/cutout work by Deborah).
I was particularly pleased with how clean this layout layout came out. Extra design tweaking by Deborah.
I really enjoy the artwork on this page. Illustrations by Marla Allison, Poem by Rosemary Diaz.
"Jackpot" illustration I designed for "A Native Chef's Lament," which discusses a lack of traditional foods served in a number of Native-run casinos.
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